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WoA is an equal opportunity organization, and we do not discriminate against anyone whatsoever based on race, gender, religion, etc.

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Warriors of Ash is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. We are a Historical European Martial Arts school. We focus not just on technical skill with weapons but also the physical training of our fighters. The best of us make the traveling fight team, Prime, representing W.O.A. at national tournaments. We have a unique training program, and each person decides for themselves what to get out of the experience. You can come to get in shape, practice technique, enjoy the camaraderie, or even go as far as to compete in local and national tournaments.​

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or send a facebook message through our group: Warriors of Ash.

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Try us on Facebook Messenger or Discord first! It sends an instant notification to all the instructors so we can respond even faster. Follow our page and send us any questions you may have, or hop on our Discord.  


Don't have social media? No problem! To shoot us an email fill out the form below. 


Be sure to check out our "How Do I Start?" page for more information on the basics of our school and how you can train with us. 


89 Thompson Street
Asheville, NC 28803 




ph: (312)566-6753 Loch 

      (828)577-5057 Mike 
      (281)433-6648 Krys


Practice times: Please refer to our calendar for an accurate schedule and more details on our classes and scheduling. 


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