The time has arrived to open classes again! We will be back at the park for a while till our membership numbers get back up.

Location will be Carrier park. We train rain or shine, only time we cancel is during a thunderstorm. All classes start this week besides Sunday with myself. To attend classes you must go through the beginner series. Info can be found below for the beginner series and classes.


Sunday at 1pm: Beginner course with Lochlan

Must complete this class to unlock all others. Message us on facebook or on the contact page to RSVP. You must RSVP to do this class! 


Sundays at 4pm to 7pm: Battle Technique with Lochlan

Sparring focused mixed weapon techniques(all weapons welcome as long as they meet safety requirements). Workout, drills and sparring. This class will be designed to increase your combat ability and individual style.


Tuesday at 630pm: Longsword with David Rayburn, Steve Mayer and Jonathan Farthing

German and Italian longsword tech.


Thursday 6 to 8pm: Viking combat class With Mike Erbach aka Acehilm Abcehr

Focusing on mixed weapon dark ages combat reconstruction. Class will consist of 20 minutes warm up, 40 minutes weapon focus, and then 60 minutes of sparring.


Friday at 6pm: May 7,14,21, 28 with Kyle Edwards

Glasgow Fechtbuch Messer, At Alexander Barn

Review the Messer techniques of The Glasgow Fechtbuch

If time, start beginning Meyer Staff.


Full gear required for sparring, hands, face and groin protection required to participate in warm ups and weapon tech.

ALL OUR CLASSES REQUIRE PROOF OF VACCINATION. (Please contact us if this is an issue)


Membership is $60 a month for all classes or $10 for drop in.

We look forward to training with you all and working towards our next Festival of Heroes!