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Warriors of Ash


Membership Status


Warriors Of Ash (WOA) is a 501(c)3 Non-profit HEMA school. There are several different categories for students to fall under. In order for students to become members, they must pay in full each month. We do not subtract time for inconsistent monthly payments when counting membership attendance (i.e. 2 months paid, 1 month missed, 1 month paid = 3 months of membership total), but for the purposes of earning patches and other activities in the school 3+ months of no payments and no contact or violations of the Code of Conduct may cause a member to revert to provisional status.


All students no matter their status must:

  • Be in good standing with the Code of Conduct.

  • Have, within 3 months (including provisional time), acquired their Tier 1 gear as outlined in our gear policy before they can continue full contact sparring.

  • Be paid in full for the month.


Provisional Members are new students to WOA. These are students in our beginner’s one-month-long program. Upon successful completion of the beginner’s program and approval of the instructors may then have access to membership. WOA may refer to new students who have not yet attained their Tier 1 gear but have completed their beginner's training as provisional members as well. 


(Full) Members are students who understand WOA’s training methods and practices. This category is generally what is being referred to when speaking of membership at WOA. Members have free access to classes held at the school, are capable of participating in demonstrations and events, represent WOA at tournaments, and are granted privileges within our school (such as full contact sparring, personal gear storage, etc.) as outlined by the board.


Veteran Members are students who have served in the United States Military in any branch of service. Veteran members have the same rights as full members with discounted monthly dues among other benefits.


Long Distance Members are students we have extended full membership to from out of state at a discounted rate.


Patch Holders are students who have paid monthly member dues consistently for 1 year minimum (including provisional time), have shown up regularly to practices in that time, and are voted in by the board to be considered senior members of WOA. They may have small assignments and instruction assistance during class delegated to them and act as a source of information for newer students and members.


Inactive Members are students who have lapsed in their dues and become inactive for more than 3 months. The board may reasonably restrict the benefits or resources available to inactive members. Depending on the type of absence this may be a ‘freeze’ in counting their time/attendance with WOA (example: being a college student between semesters and needing to return home for the summer) or may extend as far as requiring completion of the beginner’s program and provisional membership once again.


Associate Members are handpicked people from other HEMA schools who have already demonstrated a basic competency in training methods compatible with those used by Warriors of Ash. They are given access to our school to help with teaching, training, demonstrations, and events.

Active Students are students who are familiar with WOA’s training practices and do not pay monthly dues, but rather show up for $10drop in classes. WOA does mark these students via attendance as actively attending classes but does not consider them Members. Active Students do not have access to storing personal gear at the school, fighting in demonstrations, and other membership rights.

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