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Black Lives Matter

The civil rights movement currently taking place is historic and all will be seen for where they stood during this time. We feel a lack of a declaration on our stance here would be nothing less than silent support for oppressors.

In this context, we can only be of one opinion, given our adherence to not only the 9 Virtues, but also the oaths that many of us participating in this school took in the armed forces: to protect and defend the citizens of this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It is these internal enemies that we face: those who would abuse their power to disparage people of color and perpetuate hate. While systemic racism was built into America and has continued to be a persistent problem to this day, we will not tolerate it in our community and actively fight to keep hate out of this space and beyond. Our great country was built on the promise of freedom, and we truly believe that one cannot be free until all are free.

We support the Black Lives Matter movement and recognize the strength diversity brings to our nation. We identify ourselves as Allies and will fight beside and for all of our brothers and sisters of color who have been so long denied the basic human rights and privileges that many enjoy. We feel expressing our support is not only an important move, but the right one. We will stay the course, fight the fight, and prevail against those who would deprive our friends and family, whatever their skin color may be, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Black Lives Matter.

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