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Celtic Festival, a New Class, and Our New Patch-holders!

To start things off this year, we had a terrific Celtic Festival attendance on Feb 15th. A sold-out festival and a huge crowd of spectators watching our warriors fight for 1st place in our in-house tournament! We cannot thank our supporters enough, from the venue to the crowd.

Thank you to the Supervixen Conversationalist for doing a blessing for our Warriors before battle, to the drummers that gives these fights so much life with live music, and to Curious Folk for their continued support for us. Thank you to our own WoA volunteers that helped us with our booths, information sharing, and demonstrating. We could not pull off such a great event without everyone coming together.

SuperVixen Conversationalist opening the tournament with a bang.

Our warriors fought hard, and in the end, The Kali Warrior took first place, with Dane Skeggox placing a close second, and The Cur placing third! The competition was fierce there, and it was a pleasure to see the amount of control, technique, and even fun the fighters brought to the table out there. Congrats to all of our competitors, we saw your best weapons forward.

Missed us at the Celtic Festival? We'll be demonstrating at the 2020 Great Smoky Mountain Hammer-In this year! Friday, March 20th at 12:30 pm we will be demonstrating what we teach at our school. What is Hammer-In? From their website, "The Hammer In brings Master Bladesmiths, forging enthusiasts, and knife collectors from across the United States to demonstrate their skills and to learn the art and science of hand forged knife making. Master Bladesmiths will give demonstrations and hold classes on a number of topics ranging from coal and gas forging to fabrication of handles and guards and engraving."

We've had 3 new tree-patch recipients this very early spring as well. James, Jonathan, and Paul have all received our infamous hand-tooled tree patches. These symbolize warriors with consistent training in our school for at least 1 year (often longer though), who have upheld the 9 virtues during that training, and have also gone above and beyond in some capacity to help our fellow students and the school itself. We always point to them when new HEMAists and Viking Combat fighters are struggling as they can help teach the basics of techniques and keep newer students up to speed in class. We are proud to have given these patches to each and every one of you, and they were well earned. Congratulations from WoA!

Finally, Viking Combat is on par with Sundays as favorite class days... and people are hungry for more. We've heard that call, and as a result, Tuesday nights will soon by Viking Combat nights as well! Loch will be teaching VC on Tuesdays to bring a whole other class slot to the table. We hope this opens access for those unable to attend Thursdays and give students another time slot for training. Check the calendar soon for these classes coming to the table.

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