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The Viking Dance Party from July was a wonderful success, thank you everyone who came out and supported us and the vendors! We handed out some awards and the music was fun as can be. We appreciate Curious Folk for organizing the event. We have added a few photos from the event! 

      The AARC was a total blast as well. Check out this amazing video

The video and other pictures are posted on our We had a lot of fun and want to thank the Asheville Anime Convention for inviting us to demo both days! We had some mix-up with the scheduling on the AARC app, so apologies to anyone who missed our panels due to that. 

     Our warriors fought hard at Raleigh Open Longsword Tournament! We were one of the largest representations out there with 8 warriors fighting. Congrats to all of our fighters and a special congratulations to our first-timers who got out there and showed what WoA can do! 

     Before we jump into upcoming events, some information about youth classes and beginner classes. We are inviting Youth to start participating in WoA! We have always had a goal of incorporating children but the logistics were a challenge for us. We now have what we think to be a fair set up for parents and young students. Parents will be required to be present at all beginner's classes that youth are involved in -- 3 classes in total. After that, youth are invited to become Youth Members and attend classes with the tag "Youth" "Youth Friendly" or "Family Friendly" in the title. At this time we are only inviting people ages 13+, but depending on how successful our family-friendly classes and memberships are we may open this up further in the future. We will have every other Viking Combat night, Women's Longsword nights open to family-friendly environments, and we are going to host dedicated Youth Classes on Saturdays as well. We know there has been so much demand for this, and we are happy to soon be providing it! 

     Beginners classes are set to begin Sept 9th, just after our demo at the Ren Fair. If you've been wanting to get started with WoA this is the best bang for your buck -- nearly one on one dedicated training with our weapon systems for 3 Sundays + a week's worth of membership status to try out any class we offer after graduating from the beginner's program.  We cannot offer refunds on missed classes and we do not offer makeup classes, so please make every effort to attend! We MAY have slots available for private lessons but these would be extra should you miss a class. The beginner's package does Not count as a membership with WoA. RSVP if you think you will attend and sign up in our shop Before September 9th! 

     Shop updates are up! We have added long-distance memberships for those living out of state (please do not purchase these without having talked to Loch or Mike first!) to honor our students making the effort to come to train with us from other states. We have added more options for private lessons to make shopping and paying easier, updated descriptions and added vital information, and we have added products for the upcoming changes in September. 

     Upcoming Events! 

Aug 25th - Curious Folk is hosting a Folk Music Melee at the Odditorium. Check out some new music, taste wonderful food, and see what the Curious Folk that support WoA have been up to lately. 

Sept 8th - We are demonstrating at Hickory Nut Gap Farm's Fall Renaissance Festival! If you're on the fence about becoming a member of WoA and training with us, come check out what we offer and say hello.

Oct 13th - Festival of Heroes! We will be hosting one of our first larger events at Montford Park Players a huge festival showcasing martial arts from the AVL area, WoA fighting a tournament for spectators to see with special out of town guest fighters, and we will have food, vendors, and entertainment outside of the brawl as well. It will be a fantastic event with special VIP tickets, so keep your eyes out for this event page in the very near future.

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