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Exciting New Changes are Coming to WoA September 2018

     The Warriors of Ash are getting bigger, and the influx of new and excited students has been incredible. We appreciate everyone who has taken a free class, come out to watch us fight, and support us with kind donations and booth purchases. We've gone from a small school in a park to classes 15 students strong. We want to continue to promote the growth of our school and our students, and we have implemented some changes to help make what we do more accessible. 

We have heard many of your requests for youth classes, and for beginner friendly spaces. Youth classes are something we've wanted to implement for a long time now. We always strive to make sure beginners are given the skills they need to succeed, but we're very proud to announce what we believe will benefit anyone starting out. The website will soon be updated with a getting started guide for all of your initial questions.

Starting September 1st will be implementing beginner's packages. The way it works: a new student buys a single convenient package for the very first month of training and attends 3 special classes specifically tailored to get you ready for any and all of our classes. Included in the package is member's rights for a single week so you can tour any of our regularly scheduled classes without paying anything extra. 

There are some serious bonuses to this:

a) We can start inviting youth to classes! Finally, ages 13+ can attend classes at WoA.

b) This gives beginners a tailored space to get comfortable with the basics and provides a complete package for people walking in for the first time.

c) It allows our instructors to dedicate classes to the lesson plans they've made so everyone can grow together in this sport. 

Much more information will be coming through in the upcoming months preparing for this so stay tuned here and on our Facebook and Meetup pages. 

Also recently implemented is a training log! To participate: RSVP to any class on that you think you might attend. If you actually went to the class, write a comment on the class page. We tally these comments up each month and once students have earned training milestones (ex: 100 hours) patches are awarded. It's a fun way to take a look back at all you've accomplished as a student. 

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