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Festival of Heroes and Study in Steel in Review

Our warriors have given it their all these last two weeks with back to back events.

Festival of Heroes is an event put together by the group Curious Folk and it was twice as large as last year! The crowd cheered and screamed for fighters near and far. The drums of Grendel's Mother carried the sounds of battle to the arena. Donnie Rex Photography captured the heat of the moments in battle. The Wooden Ladle filled the bellies of spectator and fighter alike. The evening was an experience not to be missed. A special thank you to our out of town fighters that made the trip to enjoy the duels and brawls, and even more so to the volunteers that worked so hard helping us prep for the event. In the end, our very own Connor Perrett took tournament! Congratulations to "The Cur" for your victory!

Soon after the Warriors of Ash were off to compete in Study in Steel. We have a close tie to Sword Carolina, and it is always an honor to fight in their halls. 5 of our fighters fought their way out of the pools! Their defensive fighting styles won them the honor of advancing, including Paul Lehto fighting only his second tournament. Broderick Stocks fenced his way into 4th place. Everyone fought hard and well and showed great technique and tactics on the field. Congrats to our fighters and thank you to all who came out and supported us!

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