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Longsword Basics Class - An Inside Look

I've decided to turn our inside look into the beginner's program into a series -- taking a peek into the kind of classes we offer here at WoA.

To start with, the class I teach each week: Longsword Basics. This class originally started out as the women's longsword class, but has expanded since then and is all-inclusive now. This class is perfect for people who want to take a slower, more methodical studious approach to HEMA and what the German Longsword has to offer.

If you are wanting to expand your knowledge of longsword training and go from beginner to proficient, this is the perfect class for you. Our students also find it helpful to brush up on skills and ward off complacency.

This class goes into detail about many of the common guards, strikes, and techniques you will hear at tournament settings. It is a slow-burning syllabus, with 3 days dedicated to each technique and how it is executed.

To use an example of how this class goes, we'll use one technique: The Zornhau Ort.

This technique is broken down into 3 different class days. Day 1 is a studious day, where the source material is read and reference information from translations and scholars is compiled into a cohesive idea. The technique itself is practiced slowly in depth, some common outcomes are discussed, and what to do if the technique fails or if it is not executed properly is taught. Day 2 is Strike Sequence day; students will learn 1-2 play scenarios they can use with each other to get a feel for binding, blocking multiple attacks, and executing these concepts studied on day 1. Day 3 is focused sparring and provides more organic use of the technique in the ring.

This class is also building skills that students find intimidating in tournaments such as how to judge fights, recognizing techniques as others execute them, and familiarity with training in the ring. We also emphasize training and conditioning with a pace set by the student.

Miss a class? Basics class posts videos about the technique itself, the outcomes, and the strike sequences once each segment is done, so if you are a new fighter you can review and catch up with us as you go. Each technique is its own field of training, and students will find any class they jump into will gain valuable insight.

Does this sound appealing to you? If so, come join us! I hope you'll come join a class and see for yourself how we can collaborate together to build a stronger foundation of HEMA knowledge in our school's walls.

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