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Longsword Class - An Inside Look

The Warriors of Ash have had 2 staple classes that have lasted the test of time since the school's creation: Viking Combat and the ever-popular Longsword Class.

While the Basics Longsword class was recently created to be a slow moving, methodical approach to help catch new students up to speed on the foundations, our Sunday classes ramp up the intensity and bring a variety of techniques and hands-on fighting to the ring. This is a class as old as the school itself, and is taught and led by none other than our fearless leader Loch.

If your main goal is to become a proficient sword fighter, this is 100% the class for you! And if you're thinking to yourself, "I really don't prefer longsword; I enjoy the other weapons" don't think you can skip out on the techniques learned here. Many of the principles and foundations of this class translate into other weapon systems, as any experienced fighter will tell you. From learning where your Kriegline (or range of attack) truly is to specific techniques to get into (or out of) a grapple, this class covers everything a student could want in an intensive 3 hour block. This gives enough time to really create muscle memory and connect with what you are learning in a way that lasts all week long.

This class pulls from several treatises and breaks down training, conditioning, and techniques master swordsmen fought with and taught in medieval times to bring them to modern day students. Unlike the Basics class which sticks to 2 treatises, many resources are pulled from and implemented here to give students a well-rounded range of fight styles to use in the ring. Not only will students be learning an art as old as the 1300's, they will have fun, get in shape, and work with one another to challenge these techniques in combat.

If you are a student training with us, give yourself a good challenge with our Sunday Longsword classes. If you are looking to train with us, we encourage you to take our Beginner's Program and learn the foundations so you can jump into this class with confidence.

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