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Officially TV Famous.

Thanksgiving we had more to be thankful for than usual: WLOS aired in their Game Changer sports segment an article about our school.

Chris Womack did an amazing job covering our school. Our students showed up in force to help represent us, and we were proud of the interviewing. We thank everyone able to come and willing to be on camera to help spread the good word of HEMA to the masses.

Notable quotes from the piece:

"They [veterans] spend so many years training and doing this thing, this is how you have to live and this is how you have to do it," stated Koulouris. "Then they kick you out the door and everyone's saying you can't do that anymore, you can't act that way, you can't do that, it's not OK." - Loch.

So many veterans are looking for community. A place where that brotherhood you felt in combat can somehow mesh with the civilian life you're now living. We try to create a space where combat can be felt in one's hands in a way that makes sense again. We'll be creating an entire article dedicated to our veterans soon.

"At this point there's so many people it's hard not to feel welcome..." - Connor.

Community is what makes hobbies worth it. Anyone can pick up a sword and swing it around, or shoot a basketball, or run. The reason certain groups endure the test of time is the community behind the hobby. HEMA is just one of many avenues, but people more and more are finding deeper meanings and friendships in this martial art. We're proud we can create a space where people can say quotes like this one.

"... getting in a ring, learning a martial art, and fighting other people realizing that you're not made of glass and you can withstand quite a bit." - Loch.

This quote definitely speaks for itself.

Congratulations Warriors!

As a side note: Upcoming Events--

Dec 2, 9, 15th - Beginner's classes. The last of the year!

Dec 16th - Yule Celebrations

Dec 21st - Wildrealms sparring and dance party

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