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Raleigh Open, upcoming Events, and News for the Fall of 2019

Let's start with Raleigh Open: An experimental new rule set had the whole crowd on fire. Triangle Sword Guild continues to impress the Piedmont league with their efforts in bringing new and innovative ideas to our corner of HEMA. The new rules allowed for martial fighters to really shine through, as evidenced by our leader Loch taking 3rd place in this tournament! Students fought well and some for the first time. The tournament was incredibly fun and a fantastic way to bring more HEMA elements into what can sometimes feel like sport fencing with bigger sticks at other tournaments.

Some of our talented fighters giving it their all at Raleigh Open.

Upcoming events in our area: - Wildrealms is every 3rd Friday of the month! This is a casual meet-and-greet with some fights, demonstrations, vendors, and food to help keep things lively. Starts at 6pm at the Odditorium in West Asheville.

- September 7th is Hickory Nut Gap's Renaissance Fair. This is a demonstration and WoA booth showcasing what we do in our school, techniques we use, and selling items our students and instructors have created.

- October 26th is Festival of Heroes. This is our big event, a sort of in-house tournament with guest fighters from many areas of the US coming and fighting to the beat of live drums, a cheering audience, and striving for victory. Curious Folk leads this event with entertainment, food, drinks, and all the renaissance shopping you could hope for before the holiday season kicks off. During the day we will be selling wares and meet-and-greeting patrons of the festival. Keep an eye out on the FB event page for more information. Come dressed in your best Renaissance or Halloween finest and enjoy a day rich in pleasures for the senses.

In recent news: Our gear building workshops have been going well, and our students have been gaining more and more personalized gear to assist in their training. We have started to delve into leather working this month, so be sure to jump in and order your own custom gorget.

The basics class has completed this year's delve into the 5 master strikes, and is moving forward into learning general HEMA information in a scholarly series. Fighting will pick back up shortly, no worries, but we're spending some time on learning about the treatises, terminology and technique separation, and general expansion of HEMA knowledge.

We are in the works for some very big announcements and forward movements. Talks of land, Patreon, filming promo videos, and more are moving forward with gusto. While we don't want to get ahead of ourselves with announcement, September will have an entire week blocked out for filming and assistance in filming.

As the holidays approach, be aware that classes may be cancelled for the holiday itself or for foul weather. If it is flooding rain or snow, it is a safe bet that class will not occur for the safety of students. Be sure to check the calendar and the FB page for cancellations both planned and unplanned.

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