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Return of the Mac

Hail warriors! I want to start by saying that there are few who appreciate the winter months more than myself. Snow, hot cocoa, bonfires, a good book under a warm blanket, binge watching Cobra Kai…and the soups, ohhhhh the soups. These are the places where I feel most at home and look forward to all year. Who doesn't enjoy a little downtime to get fat and happy indoors? But this year I'm already starting to feel the first twinges of spring fever. Six more weeks, friends, and we'll be back to barbeques.

But I digress. If you've been to Carrier Park in Asheville any time over the past two months, you've probably noticed a group of insane-looking people all bundled up against the cold and swinging weapons at each other. Don't worry, it's not a greater gang rumble; we've been training extra hard lately because there's excitement on the horizon for us. ASHEVILLE CELTIC FESTIVAL IS RETURNING THIS YEAR!

If you've never treated yourself to this kilted party them may I suggest grabbing yourself some tickets. Of all the events we've been privileged to attend, this is by and large a favorite. There's great food, live music, a host of vendors with amazing gear, lots of tartan, beer for days, and of course everybody's favorite HEMA crew bashing each other silly.

Warriors of Ash is proud to be hosting a tournament featuring fighters from Georgia all the way to Virginia. These are some of the region's best swordspeople, and they're coming to Asheville just to entertain you. And maybe seek a little glory through victory in armed combat. For a warrior there's nothing better than feeling the crowd's energy as they cheer you on and thirst for a little violence. It's the most fun you'll have all winter and a great way to learn more about us and our sport. This is a COVID safe event, so remember your vaccine card and a mask.

Visit to learn more and purchase tickets. Hope to see you there. Skål!

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