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School Updates June 2020

Our school has a lot of important updates and information. We have been shut down for quite some time due to the pandemic. As we start to creep into re-opening with caution and care, we want to keep students and supporters in the loop.

Our biggest announcement is that we are no longer at our indoor location on Fox Rd. We affectionately called it "The War Room" and we are grateful to have had a space we were able to outgrow so quickly. Like many small businesses we have had to adjust due to covid-19, and with safety being our top priority we have decided to move back to our old training location at Carrier Park. (Forgive the typo in the infographic.)

We are seeking a space far closer into town than we once were in the near future. If you're able to donate to the school during this pandemic we will use that money to save up for a bigger indoor location closer to Asheville.

The second announcement is class changes: We used to offer many classes, build workshops, and the like. Currently, we are offering only a weekly mixed weapons class on Sundays. There is no sparring in these classes, and we are using poles/pells for targets of engagement. We hope to offer just as much variety as we once did in the near future, but for now, we are offering 50% off memberships with a coupon code ' besafe ' on checkout. If you need a weapon to train with you Must inform the instructors at a minimum of 24 hours beforehand. Send a message on discord tagging Loch or send him a message on Facebook. We take safety during this pandemic very seriously, and our policy on this is not negotiable: 1. You need a face mask to participate. Intend on wearing one and absolutely bring one with you. You can step away at least 6 feet from other people/the class to remove the mask and breathe as you need, and water breaks are similarly designed as a 'walk away to drink.' Regardless of your feelings on face masks, this is our policy and it is a firm one. 2. We highly encourage the bringing and use of hand sanitizer. 3. While rain alone will not cancel a class, lightning seen in the park may cause a class to close early. 4. We are outside for your safety and the safety of others: use the space and spread out, but be mindful of others in the park too. It is a public space. 5. Do not share weapons. Whether we provide you with a weapon or you bring your own, continue to use that/those weapon(s) and keep them until the end of the class. We will be sanitizing club loaner gear between each student. This is true for the beginner's classes as well as our weekly classes. Last, our beginner's program has been modified to allow new students to begin training again. We have shortened the classes considering our no-contact policy during the pandemic, so it is only 2 classes instead of 3. We feel this will provide students with the training they need while considering the restrictions we have. Beginners will still have the weekly classes for the remainder of that month included in their program purchase upon completion. For example: July 5th and 12th, 2020 is our beginner's program dates for the month of July 2020. Beginners on the 12th are welcomed to stay for the July 12th weekly class starting at 4 pm, and the 19th and 26th are included in the beginner's program package as well. Memberships or drop-in rates would then be due starting August 2020. We hope everyone is safe out there, we are excited to continue training with you all, and with safe practices even more training in the future. Thank you all for your support and understanding, and we'll see you in the park!

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