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Staff, Messer, and Cutting classes -- Focused Studies

Kyle Edwards has been a fantastic resource for WoA, and he's generously offered his time to bring some study in other arts of HEMA to our war room. These classes are giving our school even more opportunities to train in different weapons.

Kyle has earned many laurels for his proficiency in cutting, and we encourage all of our members and students to take advantage of this class and learn the techniques needed to cut at tournaments with confidence. This class has many safety precautions, as we are dealing with truly sharp weapons that can seriously hurt others when handled unsafely, so please pay attention to the instructor throughout training.

He is also offering Staff classes, which translates over into spear. Spears are new to our area's official tournaments, but the tournament was a wild success and we expect to see more tournaments opening their doors to this weapon system. See it's affordable predecessor and how to use it here.

Kyle Edwards makes each staff we use

Messer class offers side-sword instruction for those looking to expand their sword knowledge. A lot of this class can translate into longsword, so it's an excellent partner to your longsword training. Messers are single-edge swords with a knife-like hilts.'s messer

To find more information about these classes, check out our calendar and see when these will pop up next! They are not weekly classes, so check with us often on our calendar or on our Facebook page to see when the next ones will be held.

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