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The Warriors Get Back to Warrioring

Hail, friends and fellow warriors!

I know it's been a long and terrible winter for all of you without regular installments of your favorite battle blog. What can we say? A warrior's gotta eat, so a warrior's gotta work. Rest assured, though, we've been busy training and battling and reveling and training, so we've got a lot to talk about.

If any of you were out at Lake Lure this weekend, then you know that our good friends at Fae Nectar Meadery put on an absolutely epic event with their first Winterfest. The Warriors of Ash were proud to have the opportunity to put on demonstrations and showcase our swordfighting prowess in front of a packed crowd. It felt so good to interact with a crowd again and meet new friends. The weather shone gorgeous, the folks made merry, and the mead flowed like the mighty River Ifing of Asgard. I can't imagine a more beautiful spot to hold a festival, wedding, or any other event as they continue to build their magical getaway. Do yourself a favor and make sure you don't miss any future festivities at Fae Nectar.

Battling in the beautiful backyard of Fae Nectar Meadery

And now for the most exciting news of this young year! As many of you may know, COVID hit the Warriors of Ash really hard--as it did with all HEMA schools around the globe. One of the sad truths of that reality is that we had to close the doors to our beloved War Room, the space where we held our classes. Although we've sallied forth and made do by using public spaces like Carrier Park to continue our reign of chaos, we've very much felt the absence of a space to call our own. We've been a crew with no ship, and there comes with that a certain feeling of being lost. Plus, the authorities really frown upon us drinking beer at the park. But we are extremely happy to announce that we have procured the keys to WAR ROOM 2.0!

Move-in day for our new home! Lots of work to be done.

Now that we've got a space to continue our worldly conquest, we can't wait to get back into the full swing of things. We're going to be able to offer a full weekly schedule of classes, get back to hosting our always popular build days, and equip our new warriors with loaner gear so they can get to battling sooner. If you've been curious about joining the Warriors of Ash, there's no better time than right now as we rebuild to full strength. You can start right now by smashing these words with your finger and signing up for our Beginner's Course. In the years to come as you're living out your dreams of swordfighting in front of a live crowd, you can think about how happy you are that you were there when it all got started...again.

Until next time, Warriors! Skål!

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