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Training Future Warriors

We had the honor and pleasure of supporting local youth when a girl scout troop requested we teach them the art of combat! The hard working girls at Troop 2924 showed great practice, discipline, and positive attitudes in our wonderful martial art.

They each built personalized swords they could safely use, and spent the month of March learning our basic guards and strikes so they could get a taste of what HEMA is like. They then fought in a small tournament to put their newly learned skills to the test. We custom-built the curriculum for them, and I believe they had as much fun as we did.

Each girl showed cunning technique, great aggression, and brought their own unique personal style to the table. We were glad to inspire this troop to participate in something completely different, and had a great time.

A huge thank you to David and Connor for helping assist with instruction and showing off some of what we do at full speed, and a thank you to the school staff for letting us use the gymnasium.

(Pictures are featured with permission from the troop.)

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