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Viking Combat - An Inside Look

Viking Combat (VC) has been a part of WoA as long as our school has existed. It is 1 of only 2 classes that have stayed with us since WoA's creation, and is by far one of our most popular programs as well.

Viking Combat is taught based on historical contexts predating the written word. Archaeological finds, writings from the sagas and translations/interpretations of the few written words we do have, as well as bits and pieces of historical evidence found along the way can tell us a lot about how humans in the Viking Age fought.

Naturally, we still take an anachronistic approach: using modern materials, safety measures, and available resources for creating standards of practice when it comes to dueling and sparring. Still, WoA instructors keep up to date on historical finds and research to ensure that we can create a historical martial art our students can be both proud to be a part of as well as bring a scholarly approach to historical combat outside of written sword manuals.

VC has several weapon systems we teach, and it is part of what sets us a part from many other HEMA schools in our area. Shields, one handed swords, axes, and side arms are some of our most popular curriculum. The variety of weapons and training types create inherent unique fighting styles for each warrior. Thanks to this variety, as well as the aforementioned interpretation styles, students can really shine in their personal fight styles.

We also incorporate conditioning training and plenty of time in the ring, as many of these concepts must be learned and developed with drills and focused sparring.

VC is part of our school's foundations, part of what makes WoA unique, and one of the funnest martial art classes you can participate in. This class is one you don't want to miss.

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