New to the art? Purchasing our beginner's package puts you on the way to becoming a Warrior of Ash. Please read all of this description as there is a wealth of information on how to get started! 


Our beginner's package is the best bang for your buck starting out in HEMA -- and it is essential for starting out in our school. This package covers beginner classes 1, 2, and 3 and also covers any and all classes you'd like to attend through the end of the month.


Example: You become a new student for the month of July. You attend classes Sundays at the scheduled beginner's times for 3 weeks, and this ends on the last Sunday of the month. The moment you graduated class 3 you are open to trying every single other class we offer so you can drop in freely, find out which weapon systems you'd like to focus on, and see the school in its daily form while getting a taste of what it's like to be a member of WoA. This includes the Sunday Longsword class that occurs just after the beginner's class. Just take a look at meetup and RSVP to any you'd like to attend. Continuing in our example scenario, starting in August you may start to pay for drop-in classes OR you may become a full member and attend any and all of our classes plus gain all of the perks of membership.  


Beginner's class 1: The Basics of the Longsword part 1. This class will teach you everything you need to know about our school, what we do, our virtues, the parts of the sword, how to hold it and swing it effectively. This class is taught by Loch, our President and founder of the Warriors of Ash. 


Beginner's class 2: The Basics of the Longsword part 2. This class continues to teach the student about the necessities of sword fighting and gives the student enough knowledge to jump into any class we offer from here. It will also cover the basics on gear expectations and training styles. This class is taught by Krys, our Women's class instructor. 


Beginner's class 3: Other weapon systems. WoA does not just do Longsword! We offer spears, Dane axes, shields, hand axes, and more! Mike, our Vice President and instructor for Viking Combat will be teaching this class. 


Each class is 1.5 hours long and occur on Sundays. Exact times and dates are on the meetup page. Each beginner will receive a PDF of the basics of each class so they can study and train on their own. Please see our FAQ section in "How Do I Start?" for more information. 


Each student will be able to sign up as members or pay for drop-in classes after successfully completing beginner's coursework. 


To sign up and get started, it is simple: 

- Check or our website calendar and see when our next beginner's classes are starting. 

- Sign our waiver and our code of conduct forms online (for youth: Please have the parent sign and put both the student and the parent's name in the "Name" field, the parent being in ()'s for clarification) (Note: If you have a different name that you go by, when signing up for this website or on our waivers, please put your name you prefer first and your "legal" name in ()'s for clarification) 

- RSVP to all 3 classes + any classes you'd like to attend after completing your training. 

- Pay for your beginner's package online right here. 

- Show up on time to all 3 classes with comfortable work out clothes appropriate for the weather and enough water for 1.5 hours of instruction. 


You do not need to be an athlete, in shape, etc. in order to participate. If you have any limitations please communicate this to each instructor so we may best accommodate you. We aim to make HEMA accessible to everyone interested in the art of combat, so we can work together and find a way to engage and challenge while promoting respect and safety. If you are a veteran please message us first as we offer 10% discounts for all veterans. 


You MUST RSVP and pay for beginner's classes before the start of the FIRST class. If you miss the deadline to sign up (i.e. Class 1 has already occurred), you will have to wait for the following month in order to participate. You may pay for a class in advance (i.e. purchasing a class in January you mean to do in March) but you'll have to message us and let us know this is a purchase done in advance. 


These beginner's classes are NOT refundable. If you get hurt, sick, etc. we completely understand, but we cannot issue refunds. This is to create fairness and balance for our students. We encourage you to commit and make every attempt to come to class. You are always welcome to sign up again. Should you miss a class, want to start early, or catch up, you may also pay Extra for private lessons IF one is available in time. We cannot guarantee private lesson slots will be available between classes! You will not be able to access member's prices for this though -- please use the non-members private lessons and follow the instructions for scheduling listed on that product. If you should need to delay your training for a month, please message us up to 10 hours before class 1 occurs. Example: Class starts on the 5th at 2:30pm and you message us the evening of the 4th saying you are sick and would like to try again next month. This is completely acceptable and we will put you on the following month's roster with no extra charges at all. You cannot, however, complete class 1 and then message us to delay classes 2 and 3. We also will not delay your training for the month if you fail to contact us in any way before class 1 begins. 


You must attend all 3 beginner's classes in order to start participating in our school's drop in classes or paying as a member. This is for your safety and to help all students continue to grow and learn. If you cannot attend our regularly scheduled Sunday classes, you may instead purchase private lessons to cover your beginner classes at non-membership prices -- simply contact us via the Facebook messenger app on our Warriors of Ash page and we can set a schedule that works for you. 


YOUTH: We currently accept teaching youth at or over the age of 13. Parents must be present at every beginner's class but may leave their child at the instructor's discretion at classes after successful completion of the beginner's classes. We require youth to be signed up for youth memberships each month, and classes are currently limited. We do not offer drop-in class prices for youth at this time. Please see our schedule for classes we offer that are tagged "Family Friendly" or "Youth Friendly" to see when youth can train at our school. Please RSVP to any classes your child might attend on the meetup page. If a class does not have these tags in their title they are not open to youth so please pay attention to the name of the class on the schedule! 

Beginner's Package


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