This is a pre-order for WoA merch! We are collecting pre-orders for these items. They will be ordered after the pre-orders close and updates will be through Discord.


These are quality items, locally printed, and have some amazing designs on them. For anyone willing to participate in the pre-orders, we thank you, and as a result, you'll be getting these near-at-cost. Prices will go up for items after the pre-order and will be very limited, so this is your best opportunity to get it. (Keep in mind these pictures are a quick digital mock-up of the actual design.)


There are 3 different (black in color) hoodies to choose from:


Independent SS4500 - the "affordable" hoodie. This is not fitted to the body at all, pull-over only. It is midweight. It is called this because the base hoodie is a more affordable one--the following will be higher in cost. 


Next Level 9603 - the "nice" hoodie -- more fitted and softer material. Also midweight, this has more contours and fits the body nicer, and can be ordered in a zip-up or a pull-over.


Next Level 9602 - the "women's" hoodie. This is the same as the above but smaller, fitted to women's body types, and comes in a zip-up design. (Note: if you are used to more unisex sizing you might want to go up a size on these.)


All will have our "Take the Vor" slogan on the front and our infamous and updated Tree on the back, and on the arms will have 2 different style prints so even if you're wearing your vest some of this hoodie's designs will show.


"What if I'm from another school?" That's okay, if you want to help out our school we'd love to see you wearing our garb.

"What if I'm long distance?" We can take your pre-order and bring it with us to the next local tournament, or we can hold it for you and you can pick it up whenever you visit next.

"What if I want the items mailed to me?" Message Krys on discord or FB to coordinate that.


You can google these designs or go by Asheville T-shirt Co to look at and try examples of these hoodies we will be using.


**Note: If you need a 2XL some additional charges will be involved. Please message someone if you are in need of these sizes. The added charges are only an estimate and may be more expensive to order in actuality. 

Hoodies - WoA 2020 Merch


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