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Disclaimer: DO NOT Sign up, use, or pay for this option without Loch or Mike having told you this option is open to you. We will refund you immediately if you are not on our current list of travelers. If you are from another state and would like to become a long distance member of our school, please message Loch or Mike directly to discuss this as an option for you. 


We love all of our warriors that travel from other states to see us and we want to give back to you! This membership is heavily discounted so we can give our long distance warriors membership status while providing reasonable prices for the time spent in our school. 


Full Members have access to ALL classes, extended school equipment access, open gym and sparring days, discounted private lessons, gear storage at the WOA War Room (no more lugging bags back and forth), the ability to earn patches and participate in demonstrations, and more. Considering we offer classes several days a week, that gives all members access to $200+ worth of instruction and space every month! Pay once and then show up to as many classes as you want all month long.


Active duty military and veterans get a 10% dues discount upon submission of proof of service, contact us for more details. 

Long Distance Membership Monthly Dues

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