These materials cover the cost of all the components necessary to build the basic hand axes we use in the school on a weekly basis. These materials are at-cost + a $10 workshop fee to compensate people bringing their personal tools. 


If you'd like to see some decorative elements such as strips of leather or paint please feel free to bring items with you to help build/attach them to the axes. We may have tools available to add decorative elements as well. If you have a personal drill you'd like to bring this can speed things along. 

$25 cash may be given, just message Krys on FB or send a message to the website stating when cash was paid and to which instructor. This is NOT something that can be paid the day of in cash!! We need to use these material costs to order the necessary materials and buy them so this is a limited window of purchase! 


Remember, this workshop is extra and is not included in your monthly membership. 

Gear Workshop: Hand Axe Building


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