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Please schedule your private lessons with the instructor of your choice BEFORE paying. Payment will need to be received within 24 hours of scheduling. 


Can't make it out to our regularly scheduled classes? Feel like you're falling behind, or want to go over more advanced techniques or tournament-specific work? We'll come out to you! We provide the gear and skills needed to learn this amazing art one on one. 


You can also use this if slots are available to catch up or make up a missed beginner's class. 


Keep in mind this pay rate is for Each hour Per person for a customized training plan tailored specifically to your goals. We will not issue any refunds for private lessons as our instructors take serious time and effort to build, create, and make these lessons happen for you. Please make every effort to attend a lesson you schedule with us. 


Each private lesson is held at our school. In certain circumstances we can accommodate those unable to make it out to the school, but a mileage fee and convenience fee will be added to this price. Please message us for further details and scheduling. 


We have 3 instructors available to teach, please let us know if you'd like a specific instructor: 

Loch - Our President and founder of the Warriors of Ash 

Mike - Our Vice President and Viking Combat instructor 

Krys - Our Women's and Youth instructor 


The best way to get a hold of us is through our public facebook page via shooting us a message. This easily reaches instantly all of the instructors. Email coorespondence will be slower but is an option as well. 

Private Lessons - Non Members

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