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If you'd like to attend a single class at the Warriors of Ash, just submit a $10 payment. Any single class we provide throughout the month is paid for with this.


Keep in mind, EACH class is $10. If you attend, for example, a 1-hour Messer class from 3 to 4pm And a 3-hour Longsword class from 5pm to 8pm on the same Sunday, Both of these classes are $10 each. We do not scale up or down for the length of class attended, or if they are one after another. 


Keep in mind, paying for Drop-in classes does not count towards earning patches, so if you've been training with us for 4 months once a week but paying drop-in classes and become a member the month after, we start counting towards patches at the first month of full membership payment. 


We also accept cash on site, and paypal.

Single Payment Drop-In Class

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