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Full Members have access to ALL classes, extended school equipment access, open gym and sparring days, gear storage at the WOA War Room (no more lugging bags back and forth), and more. Considering we offer classes multiple days a week, it is a bargain! Pay once and then show up to as many classes as you want all month long. 


Our memberships are sliding scale based, and start at $40. If you have the ability to pay more, we appreciate your continued support of our school. Any added donation to monthly membership dues does not influence how fast a student advances in our school or provide any special treatment-- this is an option for students to show their appreciation easily without creating pressure to do so. Just choose "Add nothing" to gain access to everything our school has to offer, and if you do decide to add $5, $10, etc. this month we very much appreciate the help! Your dues help us continue to put a roof over our heads, purchase loaner gear, generate gear building activities, replace old gear, provide work-trade memberships to our students unable to afford training, and more. 


Active duty military and veterans get a 10% dues discount upon submission of proof of service, contact us for more details. 

WOA Monthly Membership dues

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