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The Warrior Code 

W - Wisdom 

A - Accuracy  

R - Respect  

R - Reliability

I  -  Inclusivity 

O - Ownership 

R - Resiliency 

We follow this code of ethics in our school both during and outside of class. We expect anyone participating in and representing our school to uphold our ethics where ever your training may take you. 


The positive application of one’s knowledge and experience. Wisdom answers the questions “When”, “How”, “Why”, and “Where”.


 Being correct or precise in action, thought, and speech. Striving to aim directly for the target without being distracted or sidetracked.


Holding equal regard for other people, arts, traditions, and rights. Inspiring respect from others with honorable actions and words, and displaying respect to them in turn.  


Consistency. Being someone that can be counted on to follow through with their responsibilities and tasks. Being on time and on schedule. 


The practice of actively including and making space for people of all walks of life, particularly people who might be marginalized or otherwise excluded, so that a hospitable space is created. 


Driving an intention forward by taking responsibility for a cause or commitment. Taking personal responsibility for one's actions and resources. The care taken to maintain oneself and one's assets.


The capacity to recover from difficulties; elasticity or toughness. The courage to continually push through pain and adversity to achieve one’s goals.

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