The Warrior Code 

W - Wisdom 

A - Accuracy  

R - Respect  

R - Reliability

I  -  Inclusivity 

O - Ownership 

R - Resiliency 


Wisdom - The positive application of one’s knowledge and experience. Wisdom answers the questions “When”, “How”, “Why”, and “Where”.


Accuracy - Being correct or precise in action, thought, and speech. Striving to aim directly for the target without being distracted or sidetracked.


Respect - Holding equal regard for other people, arts, traditions, and rights. Inspiring respect from others with honorable actions and words, and displaying respect to them in turn.  


Reliability - Consistency. Being someone that can be counted on to follow through with their responsibilities and tasks. Being on time and on schedule. 


Inclusivity - The practice of actively including and making space for people of all walks of life, particularly people who might be marginalized or otherwise excluded, so that a hospitable space is created. 


Ownership - Driving an intention forward by taking responsibility for a cause or commitment. Taking personal responsibility for one's actions and resources. The care taken to maintain oneself and one's assets.


Resiliency - The capacity to recover from difficulties; elasticity or toughness. The courage to continually push through pain and adversity to achieve one’s goals.