Longsword & Spear

David specializes in longsword and spear combat. He has over 2 years of experience as a Warrior of Ash on top of 5 years of Taekwondo experience. Come join him for intense but light-hearted training and break new ground for the school!

Meeting locations to be determined on an individual basis.

To arrange a meeting, contact David by text: 828-545-8459or by email:

Dane Skeggox

Dane axe

Dane Skeggox WOA member since 2018 Dane Axe Specialist Finished second and third in the last three tournaments. U.S. veteran. Strength is nothing without control. Take the Vor!



Multiple weapon sets

Connor has been in Warriors of Ash for almost four years now. He began with longsword, but his natural talent is for sword and shield. He is also also interested in single weapons, knives, unarmed martial arts, and physical conditioning for martial arts. 

Drilling weapons: Sword/handaxe/spear+Shield Handaxe alone,early medieval sword alone. Bowie/seax Fitness and conditioning

Contact text or email, 828-777-6967


Paul Letho


Member of WoA since 2018 Offering Longsword classes via Zoom or in person

Cell: 910.724.9566 Email: Look forward to training with you!


Footwork & shield work

Morrighan has been with the Warriors since 2018, specializing in sword and shield. She'll be offering footwork drilling and shield work, focusing on building needed muscle memory and strength for moving your shield and sword as one. Available Thursday through Sunday for lessons in her large backyard. Email is and accepts messages on Facebook. Two days notice required

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