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Can't get enough HEMA? We understand. Here are some valuable outside resources that you can use to ramp up your training. We will continue to add resources to this page so check back periodically. 

This webpage is a HEMAA project aimed to give affordable HEMA resources to those seeking scholarly aspects of this fantastic martial art without breaking the bank. 

The Liechtenaur Federation has created a rewrite of one of the most famous swordmasters of all time's work in our conventional language. This entire webpage has many other valuable articles.

Our sister school South of us has put together some incredible videos. Particularly, the Dobringer Study Series playlist has some fantastic information for those wanting to study on a rainy day. 

A PDF containing instructions and directions for how to build a quick-changing cutting pell for sharps training. 

Various resourced writings on translations, how to pronounce things, and training techniques. 

Wealth of information on the longsword, this page takes you to their common vocabulary first but contains many articles and writings on the longsword and HEMA in general. 

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