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A successful mini-tournament, Festival of Heroes is on the way, and beginner's graduates.

Triskelion Brewing hosted us for a lovely Mabon Festival event recently!

Our winner of that tournament was The Phoenix (Austin) who salsa-danced his way into the number 1 position, with Connor coming in at a close second place, and our resident sea witch The Queen of Brine (Madie) in third. It was also Axebreaker's (Zach's) first appearance in a tournament setting. Thank you to all of our fighters who came out and put on a great show for this amazing brewery and our supportive patrons.

We've already been asked to come back next year, so be on the lookout in 2019 if you missed us this time at that venue.

Onward to new things, this is our first time hosting a tournament coming up soon. Festival of Heroes ( ) is a free to attend event at Montford Park Players suitable for all ages. The Warriors of Ash will be fighting along with some out of town guest fighters with an array of weapons--from the traditional longsword and sword-and-shield to dual-wielding single handed swords--at 9pm. There will be vendors, food, and loads of entertainment going on rain or shine and is not to be missed!

This is the biggest tournament we have ever hosted in WoA, and it will be 2 hours of brawling with a special battle at the end.

RSVP on facebook and come out and say hello to us!

We also have new graduates from our beginner's program. We've taken on the task of giving new warriors a foundation to build on and we are proud of our students who have graduated from beginner's training to enter the fray of combat with us. If you're interested in training with us, our beginner's package is the best deal in the HEMA community on this side of the country in our super unbiased opinion. Learn the basics of the longsword as well as other weapons in this unique custom-built package. These are small classes where everyone attending is on your same level so you can grow together in this amazing sport. Our next batch of classes starts October 14th just after the Festival and only occurs once a month, so be sure to sign up soon if you're on the fence.

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