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COVID policy update

Hail Warriors! Let's have a candid conversation about COVID rising in the area and the delta variant.

We will start masking up even outside during class times where students are in close contact such as sparring to help curb potential problems with the delta variant. Masks during sparring are NOT optional even if you are vaccinated!

At WoA, we take COVID very seriously. We were shut down for over a year, and we currently require frequent handwashing, proof of full covid vaccinations or a new negative covid test within 24 hours of class, and we train outdoors. On top of that, we're not loaning any piece of gear out to more than one individual at a time and sanitizing gear between classes with CDC compliant standards.

With that said, the delta variant is on the rise, and in Buncombe county. We ask all of our students coming to classes to recognize if they've been to events or gatherings that could have real exposure potential to give time and space between gatherings, to mask up the entire class if they feel there is exposure potential at their place of work or if they roommate with unvaccinated individuals, and to get tested frequently and regularly if they have any concerns of COVID exposure. Testing is free at any walgreens and can be done in 5 minutes via their drive-thru.

Remember if you are not vaccinated, Each class must have a new negative test prior to attending. Getting a test can keep yourself and others around you safe and keep our school open as long as possible during this pandemic!

Everyone please be safe out there. If mask mandates go into effect for the county we will comply with them, and if shut downs occur we will also comply with those, so check our social media often for updates.

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