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Festival of Heroes October 2019

Curious folk once again creates a fantastic stage for us to host our in-house tournament. We changed things up this year, having heats to compete for the final showdown on stage, so we could have more fighters and more fights for everyone.

We want to thank all of our visiting fighters for participating in the evening and helping keep the fighting fresh and dynamic. We are grateful to all of our volunteers and members for helping work the booths, answer questions, and assist with the event. We are even more grateful to all the patrons that braved the cloudy weather to make it out and partake in the festivities. Everyone came together to create an amazing atmosphere.

In the end, Sword Carolina's leaders walked away with the prized patches. Congrats to our out of town fighters for giving it their all in this unique event!

Here are some highlights from this incredible day.

If you are curious on how to participate in an event like this, be sure to follow our Facebook page to be kept in the loop!

* Photos courtesy of Dodson Studio. Video courtesy of Donnie Rex photography.

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