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Festival of Heroes in Review

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

October 13th we were completely blown away by the amazing festival put on by Curious Folk.

From the amazing vendors to the weather it was a beautiful day in Asheville. We honored it with combat.

We set out to do our biggest tournament yet on a large stage with enough seating for anyone who wanted to come watch and more. Despite a bit of chill in the air, people stuck with us all the way to the end cheering the fighters on.

Our warriors really brought their A-game to this tournament, and we were so happy to see everyone in good fighting form. A special thank you to our out of town fighters too, it gives us great joy to fight new faces.

Eric Lowe from Swordwind Historical Fencing took the tournament as our "Last Warrior Standing" with his weapon of choice being a Spear. Congrats Eric! The fighters in the pools all had to do well enough to reach the Top 8 where a massive 4 vs 4 fight commenced. Once one team was destroyed, the remaining fighters on the other team in a twist ending were to fight each other all at once until only one remained, so this patch was well earned.

The Wooden Ladle kept us well fed before the fights, Tree Higgins supported us with rune readings, Paul Taylor Leather supported us with the make your own cuff booth, Donnie Rex Photography is about to put out some amazing photos of the event, Krys was running her donation based henna booth, and Ash Mountain Armory was out there showing off leather goods, axes, and shields as well as Ram's Head Leather. We couldn't have pulled it off without the support of all of our sponsors, as well as the warriors, members, and family/friend support along the way. Thank you everyone!

FOUR of our warriors received their patches as well at the event just prior to the championship fights. Kyle, Whitney, David, and Jonathon have been training with us regularly, have been active members with us for quite some time, and are on their path to getting our 1 year back patches. Congrats warriors on your hard-earned efforts! Some earned these patches before this event, but we thought it'd be fun to present them during such an exciting time.

More pictures to come in the gallery of the official photos, but here's some casual takes of the event.

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