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Council Members and What We Do, Plans for 2019

Our council members work very hard all year long to provide new, exciting things to bring to the table. We'd like to take a moment to introduce the Council as it stands currently and exciting future plans.

Of course, first, we have our fearless leader and President: Lochlan. Loch is responsible for making ALL of this happen. The reality is it is his hard work and effort that has made the school what it is today and what it will be in the future. He is our main financial head and regulates everything on a legal level. His hands are in every piece of this. He is our official spokesperson for the school, and he is also an approachable source of information and teaches classes both public and private several days a week!

We then have our VP: Mike the Viking. Mike has been here from the get-go and is the backbone behind the rules and regulations of our bylaws. He acts as a liaison between Loch and our students. If you have a question, suggestions, or an issue with a member, a rule, an instructor, how things work, etc. he is your go-to guy. He is our first line adviser about our rules, code of conduct, bylaws, etc. and takes on delegated tasks from the the council. Also, if you see something suspicious or something that doesn’t sit well with you, he is our first line resource. He keeps order at events and helps resolve conflicts. He is also an instructor and leads our most unique class: Viking Combat.

We also have me, acting as Secretary: Krys. I am in charge of running and maintaining the website, creating accessible information for members and the public, finalizing notes and minutes of meetings, keeping records, scheduling classes and posting cancellations, and keeping up with general paperwork and finances. I also teach the women’s longsword classes and youth classes.

Karen and Austin serve as our council members and they mold into several roles: They vote and help make decisions that affect the school, take on roles and responsibilities to help the three of us out and keep everything running smoothly, are resources for general questions and information, and are involved in a lot of behind the scenes work.

We all meet every month and bring up suggestions, student feedback, and general numbers so we can get a picture of where the school is and will be. If you have any feedback, questions, concerns, or suggestions you are always welcome to message any of us or let us know before or after class.

As an aside, we want to also give an honorary shout out to our Strategist: Tom, who serves as a valued adviser to the council. Not only does he help with PR for the school, he organizes and hosts events as well as considers and recommends ways to create effective, inclusive, and safe spaces for our community. He weaves a lot of behind the scenes work for making our events happen and helping create benefits within our school. Thank you Tom!

The council meets every quarter and has less official meetings throughout the year.

We do all of this without compensation in our spare time to make the school the best it can be, run smoothly, and create a fantastic space where people can grow, find community, and become healthier in the process. We love this art in all of its facets, and working on the council is a labor of love.

On to 2019 announcements!

Each instructor creates lesson plans for classes coming up, and coming soon to 2019 we proudly present an improved structure in each class and advanced lessons for students trying to reach even further in their art. We hope these 'semester' focused-learning styles will provide some serious growth in our members.

We are also working diligently on having our Patreon up and running by January. Students who miss a class will have the opportunity to watch drills and exercises they can practice from home, and people from far away can now join in on the Warriors of Ash practices from the comfort of their home without having to make a voyage through the mountains. This is a monumental task and we've been working since the summer on ensuring all the little details are fleshed and hashed out so this page will be as professional and engaging as our in-person classes.

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